Math Linear functions Calculating the intersection

Calculating the intersection

The prerequisite for the presence of an intersection is that the two function equations have a different slope.



If the condition is met, then calculate the intersection as follows:

  1. Equate function equations $X_{ S } \Leftrightarrow f(x)=g(x)$
  2. Solve equation for $x$
  3. Use $x$ in one of the two equations to calculate $y$


Calculate the intersection of the two function graphs with the functional equation: $f(x)=1.5x-3$ und $g(x)=-0.25x+4$

  1. Equate function equations

  2. Solve equation for $x$:

    $x_{ S }=4$
  3. Use $x$ in one of the two equations:

    $y_{ S }=3$
  4. Intersection: