Math Fractions Fractions and algebraic fractions

Fractions and algebraic fractions


Fractions are another spelling for quotient. The fraction line replaces the divided sign:


Example: A cake is divided into four equal pieces. Then, each part corresponds to a quarter ($\frac14$).



Above the fraction line of a fraction, there is the numerator. Below the fraction line, there is the denominator.



Examples of fractions:

  • $\frac18$

  • $\frac{64}{130}$

Algebraic fractions

Algebraic fraction is the name given to fractions that have at least one variable in the denominator. All fraction rules apply to both fractions and algebraic fractions.


Examples of algebraic fractions:

  • $\frac{10x}{8a}$

  • $\frac{x^2+xy}{25x-13y}$


  • If the numerator of a fraction/algebraic fraction is 0, then it has a value of zero.
  • The denominator of a fraction/algebraic fraction cannot be 0 because a division by zero is not defined.