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Solving fractional equations

In solving the fractional equation, the domain of a function is first determined, and then the equation with equivalence transformation is solved.



When fractional equations are solved, the fractional terms are resolved. For that, multiply the whole equation by the denominator.


  1. Determine domain of a function
  2. Solve equation with equivalence transformation
  3. Check result


Solve the following fractional equation: $\frac{4x}{2x+10}=1$

  1. Determine the domain


  2. Change equation to $x$

    To resolve the fraction terms, the equation is multiplied by the denominator of the fraction.
  3. Check result

    Check if the result is included in the domain

    $x=5$ is contained in the domain $\mathbb{D}=\mathbb{R}\backslash\{-5\}$: The solution is valid.