Math Exponents and roots Exponentiations


Multiple multiplying a number by itself is called exponentiation. If you use exponentiation, the exponent and the base are given the exponentiation value.


$b ...$ the base
$n ...$ the exponent
$x ...$ the exponentiation value

For example, $4^3$ equals multiplying $4\cdot4\cdot4$. In the example, $3$ is the exponent and $4$ is the base.



Each number raised to the $0$ power is $1$: $b^0=1$

If a number is raised to the power of $1$, you can also omit the exponent: $b^1=b$


  • $5\cdot5=5^2=25$
  • $x\cdot x\cdot x \cdot x=x^4$
  • $6\cdot6\cdot6=6^3=216$
  • $5^1=5$