Math Relationships Relationship


In mathematics as well as in real life one wants to assign certain interdependent variables to each other.


If we have the price of a kilo in the supermarket, we can easily extrapolate this.

  • 1 kilogram of meat costs 4 euros.
  • 2 kilos of meat cost 8 euros.
  • 3 kilos of meat cost 12 euros.
  • etc.

This calculation is based on a simple system. We can assign each value to another.

We can also represent this:


  • $1 \longmapsto 4$
  • $2 \longmapsto 8$
  • $3 \longmapsto 12$
  • ...


A relationship assigns a different value to each value. One uses for the representation an arrow: $\longmapsto$.


There are various ways to represent relationships.


Typically, the school deals with two types of relationships as well as functions that also represent a relationship.