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Derivatives of exponential functions

When computing the derivative of general exponential functions one uses the natural logarithm.







When computing the derivative of an exponential function, it shifts along the x-axis.


Here the derivation of the phrase is described.

We are looking for the derivative of $f(x)=a^x$

  1. Rewrite as exponential function

    Since the ln-functionis the inverse of the exponential function, the following applies:


    Now the logarithm law for powers is applied.

  2. Compute the derivative of the exponential function

    $f'(x)=e^{g(x)}\cdot g'(x)$


    $\ln(a)$is a constant factor (constant factor rule) and $(x)'=1$

  3. Rewrite exponential function

    Apply the method from the first step backwards: