Math Solve equations Equations


Again and again you will work with equations in mathematics. For this you have to know the different types and their solution methods.

Types of equations

Linear equations $3x+6=0$
Quadratic equations $2x^2-4x+8=0$
Cubic equations $x^3+5x^2+4x+2=0$
Fractional equations $\frac{5x}{3x+15}=10$
Exponential equations $3^x=27$
Logarithm equations $\log x=2$

Solve equations

The solution method depends on the type of equation.

TypeSolution method
Linear equations Equivalent transformation
Fractional equations Equivalent transformation
Quadratic equations Quadratic formula (PQ)
Quadratic formula (abc)
Biquadratic equations Substitution
Cubic equations Polynomial long division